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When looking for commercial printing services it is very important to find a reputable printing company that will deliver what you expect in a reasonable amount of time. Many businesses purchasing commercial printing services make the mistake of considering only the price or making that the determining factor. Although price is an important factor, many responsible for their companies printing needs make the mistake of hiring a printing company that doesn't deliver quality printing. Some printing jobs aren't completed in a timely fashion, so be clear on when you expect your printing to be finished and delivered. If the job is not done in a timely matter the cost to your business can be many times what you pay for the printing job because of the lose of business from the delay or you might even miss completely an important marketing opportunity your firm counted on. If the printing has errors or the printing just doesn't look like it's done by a professional printing company you can lose many customers. When a potential customer looks over your offerings and the printing doesn't look appealing they will likely put it aside and no longer consider your offer. The first impression is what usually makes the sale. The printing, have it be a circular, business forms or a pamphlet, is what your customers first see when deciding if they want or need the product or service you are offering.
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When hiring a commercial printing company ask many questions and don't assume they mean what you think they mean; are delivery dates firm, how many revisions can you make to the print like the size, color or wording, or if you don't like the first test print. Printing companies will let you revue for inspection before the mass printing is started. Make it clear what changes can be made and when.
You will want to have a contact, or an account manager that you can reach and expect will be available to handle your printing job. Some commercial printing businesses may be so small that the owners do every part of the printing order. They may be cheaper but trying to reach them can be time consuming to you when you need to make changes, and delays can cost you more than the printing job itself.
You run your company or represent your company in a professional matter so you should expect those that you hire for your commercial printing needs to be professional and deliver what you expect.
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